What is the Cost of Bathroom Renovation in Vancouver BC?

bathroom renovation cost in vancouver

When it comes to renovations, the bathroom always seems to be the area that folks want to be revamped. The old flooring has seen better days, perhaps there is a mildew problem or just not enough space for all your beauty products and towels. Whatever the case may be, you can get started on this great room by understanding how much a bathroom renovation costs in Vancouver.

The size of the bathroom will usually determine how much it actually costs to renovate. However, we try to give you different bathroom remodeling scenarios and explain how much they roughly would cost.

Fast and affordable bathroom renovation

Remodeling the bathtub or shower base wall surround only

For a small bathroom or spacious washroom, the easy and quick way of a bathroom renovation is renewing only the bathtub or shower base wall surround. For fast bathroom makeovers, we install thin tile or PVC material on top of the existing tiles. Firstly, the trim of the shower fixture and shower set get uninstalled, and all the accessories in the bathroom, bathtub or shower stall will be removed. Secondly, we install tile or PVC tile. The thickness of the tile depends on the gap of the fixture trim and wall. For all kinds of bathroom shower fixtures, PVC tiles are applicable. PVC tiles are budget-friendly, inexpensive, anti-bacterial, water-resistant, durable, lightweight, and high-quality material.
 The cost of this kind of bathroom renovation and tile remodeling depends on different items. In this case, the remodeling cost of a small bathroom and shower makeover in Vancouver is $2400-$3700. This inexpensive type of bathroom renovation with no demolition in the bathroom can be done even in one day.
The fast bathroom renovation is also appropriate for repairing leaks of bathroom shower fixtures. To get access to the rough-in of the shower set, the plumber takes off a part of the shower wall. After fixing the problem, shower remodeling can be done fast and at an affordable cost.

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Converting a bathtub to a stand-up shower (walk-in enclosure) or a new bathtub

To replace an old bathtub with a new one or walk-in shower, the old bathtub should be taken off. The cost of this kind of conversion depends on several items. Firstly, would the base of the shower stall be covered by tile and insulating materials such as a Schluter system or an acrylic base or with a new bathtub? Secondly, keeping the existing showerhead or changing it with a new shower set affects the final cost. Moreover, the type of glass door is also considerable. You would like to remodel the bathroom with a frameless glass door or framed one. The thickness of shower glass or the color of the hardware of glass doors changes the budget of bathroom renovation.

The new stand-up shower wall surround can be also performed the same as the affordable fast bathroom renovation method, or with the prefab shower enclosure wall panels. The cost of tub-to-stand shower conversion or inserting a new tub in Greater Vancouver can start from $3800.

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Full bathroom renovation, large or small bathroom, and luxury ensuite bathroom

There are several effective items in a bathroom renovation or remodeling, either a small bathroom or a  nice and luxury large shower. The price of each component can change the final cost of bathroom renovation.

  • Demolition and Dumping Materials

To renovate a bathroom, old material such as drywall, tile of wall or floor, tub, toilet, vanity, shower kit, and the shower door should be demolished and dumped. Having asbestos materials increases the cost and procedures of dump and demolition.

  • Plumbing

First of all, certified plumbers will uninstall shower fixtures and shower rails, toilets, vanity, bathtub or drain of the shower base. After that, the plumber will install a drain for the shower pan covered by tile or the new bathtub or a shower base. In the end, the new toilet, shower head kit, the sink and faucet of vanity, and tub filler would be installed. So, the cost of plumbing in bathroom renovation depends on the number of pieces that get installed in a new bathroom. The materials which are used for the toilet, sink, shower set, tub or freestanding or drop in bathtub, or shower base can significantly change the final cost. We always offer our customers a basket of materials which are at optimum price. They are high quality at a reasonable price.

  • Electrical Section

Changing exhaust fan, LED lights, fan timer, towel bar, decorative lighting, electric mirror are also effective in the pricing of a bathroom renovation job.

  • Tiling

The most exciting part of designing a nice, luxury bathroom is finding tile or any wall or floor covering. It can start with colorful small tiles and finish with a large format tile. Either marble stones or book-matched porcelains. We can offer a wide range of tiles, natural stones, large tiles, book-matched tiles to our clients based on the design.


An affordable full bathroom renovation in Vancouver varies from $7000 to $10000. For a medium range of expenses, a full shower remodeling can cost from $10000 to $16000, and for a luxury bathroom, we consider a budget of $16000-$60000.

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