Kitchen and Bath Showroom: Dream Designs with Financing Options.

Visit our kitchen and bath showroom in Vancouver and discover Elegant and affordable products with Customizable Financing.

Bathroom Showrooms


Vancouver Renovate is one of the top bathroom renovation companies in Vancouver. We have plenty of experience in bathroom renovation; we can provide you with diverse bathroom products for your renovation project, such as bathtubs, sinks, backsplashes, vanities, flooring, faucets, and cabinets of different brands imported from Europe and other countries. Our staff can provide the information you need about the products, but if you have specific questions and get more accurate information, you can book an appointment with us. Once you buy our bathroom products and hire our renovation services, this includes:

  • Flexible Financing Options: We can help you with the total or part of the renovation cost if you have a limited budget.
  • Budget-friendly options: We offer different packages to help you afford your bathroom renovation project. 
  • Consultation from experts: Our team can help you get professional advice about your bathroom renovation project.
  • Fast Renovation: Our goal is not only to provide products and quality services but also to provide the quickest renovation.
bathroom showroom vancouver
bathroom showrooms fixtures
interior of a kitchen and bath showroom with an array of countertop samples, cabinet doors, and tile options on display for home renovation projects.
showcase of various high-end kitchen and bathroom fixtures, including faucets and showerheads, against a clean, white backdrop in a vancouver store.
inside a bath and kitchen showroom featuring a mockup of a marble-tiled shower area with glass doors and led-lit mirrors, paired with gray wood-patterned flooring.

Bathroom Products

modern bathroom with a freestanding tub, black marble accents, and warm wooden details, typical of the luxury designs found in bathroom showrooms.

are you looking for kitchen and bath showroom?

We provide a quality service and are one of Vancouver’s most cost-effective kitchen and bathroom renovation companies. If you buy our products, you will get:

We can provide materials from the best brand markets from countries like Spain, Italy and the US.

Our goal is to provide the quickest renovation service. We are a team prepared to deliver a quality and fast bathroom or kitchen renovation.

We can help you by evaluating the conditions of your place, and based on that, we can create a free quote for you.

If you have a limited budget,  don’t worry. We can help you with a custom package that fits your budget. 

We offer flexible financing options for your project. We have plans with no payments, no interest in the first months, up to 60 months of expenses and more

Don’t wait to decide later; let’s do it. Contact us Now for a free quote; we will let you know the financing option.

Book an appointment and get financiation for you project.

Tell us about your kitchen renovation project, and we will give you the best consultation and a free quote.

Kitchen Showroom Vancouver


If you are looking for products for your kitchen renovation in Vancouver, Vancouver Renovate is your best option; we offer a variety of kitchen products such as countertops, sinks, backsplashes, faucets, and cabinets from different brands from Europe and other countries. Our expert team also provides excellent customer service. We can provide expert consultation about designs, styles, finishes, patterns, and more. Of course, if you buy our products, it includes renovation and design. Our services are highly recommended in greater Vancouver. We have been in the industry for a decade. Once you buy our products and hire our renovation services, this includes:

  • Flexible Financing Options: we can offer plans to help you with your kitchen renovation project.
  • Budget-friendly options: Through our consultation process, we can offer the best materials and packages that fit your budget. 
  • Consultation from experts: We have a group of designers and staff with experience who can help you with design and style.
  • Fast Renovation: We aim to provide the fastest renovation service; we are one of the quickest kitchen makeovers in Vancouver.
kitchen showroom
kitchen showroom vancouver
various quartz countertop samples displayed in a showroom, highlighting a range of colors and patterns for kitchen design.

kitchen cabinet showroom

an array of sleek white cabinetry with modern black handles on display in a cabinet showroom, accented by a stone backsplash.
close-up of white cabinetry with sleek metal handles on display, set against a dark carpeted floor in a cabinet showroom.
showroom cabinets for sale
white custom cabinets with metallic handles displayed in a showroom, featuring clean lines and a minimalist design.

We are experts in providing and installing kitchen cabinets; we have cabinets of different colours, styles, textures and types:

1. Shaker Style Cabinets

Description: This style has simple, clean lines and high-resistance material. Also, the style is characterized by a minimalistic design with features matching traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Best For Homeowners who are looking for a blend of classic and modern that complements a wide range of decors.

2. Slab (Flat Panel) Cabinets

Description: Flat panel is one of our favourite cabinets. This kind of cabinet offers a sleek and smooth appearance. This style matches perfectly with modern homes.

Best For Those who want a modern kitchen aesthetic and appreciate simplicity in design.

3. Beadboard Cabinets

Description: This style features vertically grooved panels, adding texture and visual interest to the kitchen. This style is usually used for cottage or country kitchens but can be painted or stained to match more modern aesthetics.

Best For: people who prefer the relaxing, inviting feel of cottage-style kitchens but still want a look that can adapt to different colour schemes and decorations.


Kitchen Products

a bright, airy kitchen featuring warm wood cabinetry and sleek white countertops, with a serene nature view from the window, as seen in a vancouver kitchen showroom.

Kitchen Countertops

modern minimalist kitchen design featuring white cabinets, a wooden backsplash, and elegant pendant lights, displayed in a vancouver kitchen showroom.

Kithen Cabinets

kitchen showroom vancouver

Kitchen faucets

close-up of a stainless-steel sink with a modern faucet set against a concrete countertop, featuring a garden view through the window above

kitchen sinks

Kitchen and Bath Showroom

Tell us what your renovation project is and we will help you with the best materials, styles and design

rupa deb
Rupa Deb
I recently had my bathrooms 2 full and a powder room including full renovation of the kitchen completely renovated by Vancouver Renovate. They changed and installed new flooring, installed new tiles, installed new shower base, glass door, new bath tub besides the new vanities, toilets etc. They also installed new drywall. I found Moe, the person in charge extremely polite and professional in his dealings. He was always open to suggestions and provided helped in getting the renovation completed within budget and in the time frame suggested. Every other contractor, I have contacted had advised they would need 2-3 months to complete but Moe had promised to get it completed with 3-4 weeks and he did manage to do it. My work started on Nov 24 and was completed on Dec 23. Their quality of work was excellent and they have a fabulous team of people working with them, who are courteous, diligent, thoughtful and extremely good at their job. Be it Shahram, Sina and all the others in the team, kudos to them for the job well done! I have already recommended Moe and Vancouver Renovate to a lot of my friends for the professionalism, keeping his word in getting the job done even in these trying times when the stock is scarce. I shall most definitely use their services again! Thank you Moe and Reza!
h a
I highly recommend Moyay Construction for bathroom renovation and changing shower head, shower glass, and tile. They did a great job to make a walk-in shower and adding a freestanding bathtub.
hashem seifi
Hashem Seifi
I recently have a bathroom renovation done by this company the job was converte the bath tub in to the walking shawer, all the work including tilling, plumbing, fixtures has been done by professionals in a effective short time, I do recommend this company for any sort of renovation. Hashem Seifi
bab ami
Bab ami
I have good experience with my bathroom renovation by Moyay Construction. Not only I received good services for bathroom remodelling but also they offered me a wide range of bathroom materials at reasonable price like bathtub, glass door, shower set, vanity, toilet and tile.
mehrad seyedi
Mehrad Seyedi
Good job and excellent knowledge. I got great information about walk in shower and bathroom renovating details and related bathroom products.
reza farhad
Reza Farhad
Great selection , very friendly and professional service , I got my 2 bathrooms renovated, they both look great. Well recommended
ron barre
Ron Barre
Mohammad at Moyay did a great job for me. I had bought a replacement grill for my outdoor kitchen and needed some major alterations. After strikeout with a few contractors I accidentally stumbled onto his store on Marine Drive in North Vancouver. Not only did they install my new grill along with new and very good looking countertops they designed and built the countertop. They did an excellent job of both the installation and the design and were on time an on budget. Thanks again for a job well done.