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Vancouver renovate is among the top providers of bathroom remodeling and bathroom renovation services in North Vancouver, BC. We have been providing extraordinary customer service since 2010. During this time, we have exceeded the expectations of over 1,000 satisfied customers in Vancouver and surrounding areas in British Columbia.

Our bathroom experts have renovated and remodeled hundreds of bathrooms, so we have plenty of experience.

Most homeowners don’t really know how much their project will cost to implement. If you have a rough idea of what you need done, simply call us and we will give you the right estimate over the phone.

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Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in north Vancouver

To deliver our remodeling services, we use only the best tools and equipment, as well as the best material and products from reliable manufacturers.

When you remodel your bathroom with us, you don’t need to waste your time looking for different materials. We will do it for you. We can supply all the materials and parts we need from renowned manufacturers at very good reasonable prices.

with our bathroom remodel Vancouver, we take great pride in our experts’ ability to do a great job every time. Over the years, we have received only positive reviews about our bathroom remodel and renovation services here in north Vancouver.

Remodel your Bathroom with peace of mind

With our all-inclusive design, supply, and installation process, you can skip the headaches, cost increases, and other nonsense of other companies – we handle every detail of your project from start to finish.

Our local bathroom remodel and bathroom installation team use all brand new materials based on the design created. This includes fixtures, fittings, tiles, countertop, cabinets, and even vanity and sink.

Here at Vancouver renovate, we do everything to transform your bathroom into the most beautiful room in your home.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Bathroom remodel in Vancouver

Bathrooms are important parts of the house, but they are often ignored until something goes wrong or breaks in the bathroom. With new trends like walk-in showers and double sinks on the rise (specially in Vancouver, BC), it is more important than ever to remodel your bathroom. There are many benefits to remodeling a bathroom , including reduced energy consumption, more storage space, and overall cost savings.

As people are becoming more aware of the bathroom remodeling benefits, bathroom renovations are on the rise.  More people are upgrading their bathroom in order to make their house a place that is both beautiful and functional.

below are some of the main benefits of bathroom remodeling in Vancouver, British columbia:

– Boosts your house price

– More storage space   Luxury bathroom ideas  / bathroom design plans  / bathroom renovation costs / bathroom renovation cost calculator

– Increases the value of your bathroom

– Keeps bathroom energy costs low

– New bathroom flooring

– Walk in shower cabin (or tub)

-Toilet compartment with bidet function

Bathroom remodeling cost varies greatly depending on the type of bathroom equipment that needs to be replaced. It also depends on how much bathroom remodeling supplies will need to be bought. And on top of that, bathroom location is also important.

 Replacing bathroom cabinet or bathroom sink faucet plumbing may only cost a few hundred dollars depending the type and quality of items you choose. Replacing bathroom tiles on the floor or wall can also be done at a very reasonable price.

If you want to completely overhaul your bathroom with new bathtubs, toilets and cabinets it can end up costing anything from $4,000 all the way up to $20,000.

We are professional bathroom remodelers in north vancouver with many years of experience. Give us a call for a free consultation.  

Bathroom remodeling cost compared to starting fresh depends on many factors, bathroom size, bathroom age,  and bathroom location for example.  A bathroom that has been remodeled before will always be less expensive than a bathroom that is being started from scratch.

However, there are times when an existing bathroom can be brought up to date less expensively than taking on a full-fledged bathroom remodel. If your bathroom is very out of date and/or in bad shape, it’s probably time for a full overhaul.

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It is easy to come up with a ball-park estimate for how long it will take to do your bathroom remodeling if you are working with a professional bathroom remodeler in north vancouver. For a small Bathroom and no demolition, remodeling could be done within a day or two.

Where as for a bigger bathroom or bathrooms with issues such as old plumbing, broken pipes or electrical problems, it could take anywhere from 2-4 days to 10-15 days. 

It depends on the plan you have for your bathroom remodel.  Some plans need to be approved before building starts. This may be required by law depending on where you live as well as what your insurance company says if the renovation costs more than a certain amount. The cost of these permits and/or drawings can vary depending on local laws and who provides them. Having said that, usually for a small bathroom remodel project you don’t need a city permit. 

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Bathroom additions are always more likely to increase your home value. specially if you follow the latest trend of the market. 

Bathroom remodeling is often a great way for homeowners to increase their home’s resale value without compromising for a full bathroom renovation — and it can be part of an overall “package” with kitchen appliances or bathroom fixtures that help attract potential buyers.

Bathroom remodeling in Vancouver can be overwhelming so it is important to know where to begin and what not to do.

First of all, check with the local building department to verify bathroom regulations for your area.

Next, if you plan on installing new fixtures ask your plumber and/or bathroom remodeler what type of water supply lines and drain pipes you need.

Also, if you plan on changing the bathroom flooring, talk to your bathroom remodeling contractor about proper flooring installation before beginning.

Depending on your bathroom size and layout there are a few important decisions that should be made before beginning bathroom remodeling.

For example, if you plan on changing the bathroom window consider how this will affect your bathroom renovation plans.

Do you want to keep the bathroom window?

Or do you plan on opening up the wall and adding a new skylight or large bathroom window?

In addition, budgeting for bathroom remodeling is also very crucial.

We have helped hundreds of home owners in Vancouver BC with their bathroom remodeling projects. So give us a call for quick and free consultation at (604) 440.2171