Double Sliding Doors, Glass Thickness: 6 mm, Glass Panel Height: 74 3/4” / 1899mm, Glass Type: Clear, Tempered Glass, Handles Drill Through Glass , Semi Frameless Door, Glass Door, Shower Doors

The price is for the product: SHOWER DOOR (SD06-150)


Category   Model Number   Series
  Showers   SD06-150   N/A


  • Double Sliding Doors
  • Glass Thickness: 6 mm
  • Glass Panel Height: 74 3/4” / 1899mm
  • Glass Type: Clear, Tempered Glass
  • Handles Drill Through Glass
  • Semi Frameless Door
  1. SD06-150 for 59”Opening

Available Color

  • Chrome Finish
  • Stainless Steel Material