Single Flush 1-Piece Toilet (VA0092)

Single Flush, Gravity Flushing Action, Glazed Trapway, Glazed Ø2″ trapway, 12” Rough-In, 3” Flush Valve, Soft Close Seat Included, 4.8 LPF (Litre Per Flush), MaP rating: 800gm, Toilet, Freestanding

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  Toilets   VA0092   N/A

Single flush comfort height elongated one-piece toilet with soft close seat.

  • Single Flush
  • Gravity Flushing Action
  • Glazed Trapway
  • Glazed Ø2″ trapway
  • 12” Rough-In
  • 3” Flush Valve
  • Soft Close Seat Included
  • 4.8 LPF (Litre Per Flush)
  • MaP rating: 800gm


  • 28.5 x 15.75 x 27.5″ (724 x 400 x 699mm)

Available Color

  • White