How Much is a Bathroom Renovation in Vancouver BC?

bathroom renovation cost in vancouver

How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Bathroom in Vancouver BC?

Ultimately, bathroom renovations in Vancouver vary in cost depending on the number of rooms that require renovation and how extensive each bathroom renovation project is.

The bathroom renovation industry in Vancouver works closely with other bathroom-related industries such as bathroom design, bathroom remodels and installation. Before a contractor begins any bathroom renovation project, they should be aware of the various types of plumbing systems utilized by today’s homeowners. There are three options available: a conventional drain system, a low water use system, or a pressure-assist system. The first two options require one-inch piping while the third option requires 1/2″ pipe to ensure the best performance from the tankless water supplies being used since less water is being used during each flush.

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In addition, it’s critical to determine whether your home has a side-seal or center bathroom trap. Side-seal traps are used primarily in bathroom remodeling projects, older homes, and homes with cast iron plumbing. Center bathroom traps are more modern systems that are primarily used to reduce water usage during each flush because of the one-inch pipe requirement. The average cost for bathroom renovation also includes installing anti-scald devices that prevent excessive water pressure from being released into your bathroom’s water lines.

Once the plumber has determined what bathroom fixtures your home requires, he can begin determining how much it will cost for bathroom renovation. The price range for bathroom renovation in Vancouver is usually between $20 – $40 per square foot. This figure does not include materials or labor costs though — all you need to do is take a bathroom renovation calculator and add the number of square feet in your bathroom. For example, a bathroom renovation that requires 300 square feet will cost roughly $6,000.

In addition, bathroom renovations can be used as the perfect opportunity to install additional bathroom appliances such as towel warmers or steam generators if you find yourself always running out of hot water during peak hours of use. However, it’s best to consult with a plumber about whether these extra fixtures are feasible for your bathroom design project before moving forward.

While a bathroom renovation can be expensive, there are numerous expenses involved when putting up a bathroom so it’s important to not only include labor costs but also materials required for installation on top of labor costs.

If you also wish to install a bathtub, it’s best to include the bathtub cost in your bathroom renovation budget too. If you have a drain for a bathtub installed on your floor, it can add thousands of dollars on top of a regular bathtub installation.

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