Top 10 Bathroom Renovation Tips and Recommendations to Consider

Top Bathroom Renovation Tips

You should think of your bathroom as a retreat, a place where you can refresh yourself and maintain good personal hygiene. However, over time the bathroom will lose its fresh look and feel. When this happens, remodeling is probably advisable. You may be tempted to simply replace the old fixtures with new ones, but bathroom renovation recommendations suggest that you take a look at the bathroom as a whole and make improvements as needed.

Here are some bathroom renovation recommendations for those who want to breathe new life into their bathroom

1. Pick your bathroom Renovation theme

Are you drawn to a particular style of décor? Perhaps you have been admiring bathroom tile ideas or bathroom cabinets. Your bathroom renovation can be customized to fit your tastes, whatever they may be.

bathroom theme - renovation ideas

2. Use the same décor

If you are designing a new bathroom from scratch, you can make it match an existing bathroom by using similar colors and motifs. For instance, if you have blue bathroom accessories for the sink, bathroom furniture in the same color might be a good way to tie everything together.

3. Match bathroom flooring

Your bathroom renovation could include bathroom floor tile ideas that are similar in color and design to bathroom tiles elsewhere in your home. If you live near the beach, using bathroom tile samples of shells or driftwood would make sense.

bathroom floor and wall match theme

4. Update bathroom lighting

Your bathroom renovation should make your bathroom brighter and more pleasant. The bathroom renovation recommendations for this are changing out bathroom light fixtures with newer, more modern ones or installing bathroom skylights to let in natural light during the day.
– Add a shower stall Are there small children in the family who could benefit from having their own bathroom shower stall? The bathroom renovation recommendations for this choice are easy: bathroom renovations should include the addition of a partitioned bathroom.

bathroom renovation - lighting idea

5. Consider bathroom cabinets

If you have old bathroom vanities that just aren’t working anymore, bathroom cabinet ideas might be what your bathroom renovation needs. Some bathroom cabinets fit over the toilet and cabinets can be a part of bathroom furniture.

7. Pick bathroom flooring

Bathroom floor ideas are plentiful, but bathroom renovation recommendations suggest that bathroom tiles remain the most popular choice. Bathroom tiling is easy to clean and bathroom tile patterns can update any bathroom space.

bathroom flooring renovation ideas

8. Add a bathtub

Although many people prefer bathroom showers for their convenience, some people swear by bathroom whirlpool bathtubs. Bathroom renovation recommendations for bathroom whirlpools are simpler than bathroom showers in some ways, but more complex when it comes to bathroom fittings.

Are there small children in the family who could benefit from having their own bathroom shower stall? The bathroom renovation recommendations for this choice are easy: bathroom renovations should include the addition of a partitioned bathroom.

9. Keep bathroom lighting

Bathrooms need bathroom lighting just like other rooms in the home and bathroom renovations should include an update of bathroom fixtures, bathroom lighting.

10. Use bathroom accessories

Bathroom renovation ideas can mean adding bathroom art or bathroom mirrors to dress up the walls of the bathroom and bathroom vanity. Bathroom artwork is usually more than just a splash of color on the wall; bathroom paintings can be as unique as your tastes and personality, so choose them wisely.

bathroom cabinet for renovation


In conclusion, bathroom renovation recommendations are easy to find, but bathroom renovations don’t need to be expensive. Keep bathroom flooring and bathroom wall tiles the same throughout your bathroom renovation to tie everything together or choose bathroom furniture to suit your taste.

So, if Your bathroom is in need of a renovation. The flooring, fixtures, and countertops all look dated.

A new bathtub or shower stall can help you achieve your dream bathroom while saving money by not replacing the entire space.

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