Do I need a permit to renovate my bathroom in Burnaby Vancouver?

bathroom renovation done in Burnaby

If you plan on renovating your bathroom in Burnaby BC, you may need a permit if the renovation will affect areas outside of the bathroom space.

For example, if you are adding onto or changing your existing plumbing system to accommodate additional fixtures in the bathroom, this would require a permit. This is because modifying an existing plumbing system requires changes to electrical systems as well as structural support within walls and floors around the internal plumbing lines.

Bathroom renovation that doesn’t require a permit?

There are many minor renovations that don’t require permits though. For example, replacing sink faucets does not require a permit unless there is more than just replacing the fixture itself (for example, if you have to change out any supporting structural elements). A good rule of thumb for determining whether or not you need a permit for your renovation is this: if you are doing anything that requires cutting walls or flooring in order to complete the project, you will need a permit. Taking down your old shower in order to put up a new one does not require a permit (unless you’re having to cut into structural portions of the wall/floor), but installing plumbing for all new fixtures does require permits.

If your renovation consists only of replacing existing fixtures then you do NOT need a permit, because it’s considered “minor” work. However, even though these types of renovations don’t require permits they may still trigger inspections by either city building inspectors or fire department officials depending on where you live and the scope/extent of the renovation work being done. This brings us back to the question at hand:

Do you need a permit to remodel your bathroom?

Renovating your bathroom does not require a permit unless you’re doing work that is considered reversible, meaning it can be taken back down with no effect on the surrounding areas. This would include things like replacing fixtures, installing full showers or new baths/showers, etc. If any of these renovations require cutting into walls or flooring in order to install new plumbing for those features then you will need permits. However, if none of those items are being installed and all you’re doing is replacing existing fixtures (like faucets), removing old tubs/showers or sinks, putting in new toilets or changing cabinet layouts, then no permits are required.

If you are doing any work that requires cutting into walls or floors in order to install any new plumbing features then permits must be acquired before work begins. If your renovation only consists of replacing existing fixtures within the bathroom, no permit is required. You can begin working on the project right away with the understanding that it will be inspected by city building inspectors or fire department officials after you start and upon completion before you’re able to re-occupy the space.

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