JASPER – Free Standing Bathtub

JASPER is a freestanding bath that exudes class, with its precise and clean design. This bath allows for wall-mount install with open access at the back. A spacious deck is great for mounting any faucets or bath fillers of your choice. Stone resin is a superior material that’s highly durable and exceptionally strong. Stone resin has amazing insulation properties that provides heat retention, and is also scratch and stain resistant. This tub comes with an integral slotted overflow and a pop-up drain is included. Complies with CSA & IAPMO standards.



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  Bathtub   JASPER    N/A
  • Shila Stone freestanding bathtub
  • Modern style
  • Integral slotted overflow & pop up drain included
  • Deck mounted faucet space
  • Open access at the back
  • Complies with CSA & IAPMO standards


  • 60 x 35 x 24″ (1524 x 864 x 610mm)


  • Approximately 59 gallons of water (223 litres)

Available Color

  • Matte Pearl White
  • Gloss Pearl White

Colour Me

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*We reserve the right to change specifications without notice.